Exchange Bitcoin to Paypal.
Did you ever need quick cash to buy, or pay for something, and depended on the goodwill of an exchange to sell your bitcoins, and then get the money?
Well, your problems are over, there's a great site for anyone who wants to exchange bitcoin for cash directly into their Paypal account or bank account, called Onestpay (https://www.onestpay.com/).
Onestpay is able to exchange your bitcoins in a few minutes, usually within 30 minutes the exchange value is already available in your Paypal account, or in your bank account. Simple is not it? And the best, the fee charged is only 0.50%, that's right, half a percent, if you make an exchange of $ 1,000.00 will pay only $ 5.00 of fees for example.
Oh, the site support also works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to take any questions you have.
For those who have doubts about the steps to be followed, it is very simple, the site has a very intuitive interface and easy to handle.
Come on, follow the steps:
1- Access www.onestpay.com,
2 - Select Send "Bitcoin" - Receive "Paypal" or bank account, if you need it, choose the currency you want, they also work with REAL BRL.
3 - Complete the amount in bitcoin you want to change, for example, 0.50 (use the dot to split satoshi bitcoin)
4- Click Exchange
5- Complete your personal email, and the requested data.
6 Confirm the change, and send the value you want to change to the address that appears on your screen.
�Okay, now just wait 1 confirmation from the network, and the exchange will be processed in up to 30 minutes.
Your Paypal account does not need to be verified.
Very easy, safe and fast, sure Onestpay is here to stay. A hand on the wheel for those in a rush to sell their bitcoins.
The site also has an affiliate system, so you can earn a change by posting your referral link, for that, just create your account, go to the affiliate tab and copy your link.
Access right now: https://www.onestpay.com and learn more about this service.
* Currently Onestpay does not sell bitcoin through Paypal, just Bitcoin for Paypal.


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